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By On April 23rd, 2018

Concussed children are often overlooked for rehab services

It is widely believed that children with “mild” traumatic brain injuries (more often referred to as concussions) don’t require anything more than rest to make a full recovery. It may be true that these less-severe brain injuries largely resolve on their own, but many require rehab services such as educational support and mental health care…


By On April 10th, 2018

Brain changes in contact sports may be caused by “microconcussions”

Much has been said about the connection between concussions or traumatic brain injuries and dangerous changes to the brain such as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).  However, a new study from Indiana University suggests even athletes in contact sports who don’t experience clinical concussions show signs of brain changes. According to the report published in the…


By On March 5th, 2018

Brett Favre says he suffered concussions from 90% of tackles

Brett Favre has infamously only been knocked out once in his 20-year professional football career. The moment came on his very last play, capping off a record-breaking career with a devastating blow. However, it wasn’t his only concussion. Losing consciousness is considered one of the trademark signs of a concussion, but loss-of-consciousness only occurs in…


By On February 27th, 2018

Study finds more than half of prisoners have TBI

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) have been associated with memory problems, behavioral issues, and difficulty controlling anger. So, it might not be surprising to hear a UK study has found more than half of prisoners have experienced a TBI. While it is currently believed this high rate of brain injury may fuel violent crimes in the…


By On February 23rd, 2018

Former NFL Player says he’s had 2,500 concussions

When professional athletes are asked how many concussions they’ve had, they tend to lowball. Often, you’ll hear “four or five” or the athlete will shrug off the question with “I don’t know”. Almost never do you get told a number more than 10 – in even the most extreme cases. When former professional football player…


By On February 21st, 2018

What can woodpeckers teach us about brain injury?

The people working on treating and preventing brain injuries often look toward the woodpecker. These birds smack their heads against trees thousands of times a day, yet they don’t get brain injuries. Or, do they? Because woodpeckers don’t show any signs of behavioral changes or memory issues as they age, we have all assumed their…

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