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By On July 8th, 2013

Tulsa Company Offers Balance Test App for TBI

Quickly identifying a brain injury after a hard hit to the head is one of the biggest indicators of how a patient will fare through injury management and treatment. For athletes and their coaches, diagnosing a concussion within minutes and keeping a player off the field can be a matter of life or death. However,…


By On June 18th, 2013

Why Isn’t The MLB Protecting Pitchers From Brain Injury

When you think of baseball, most people don’t think about brain injuries. With high profile more violent sports like hockey and football, baseball seems incredibly innocent and peaceful, aside from the occasional fights that break out on the field. Maybe this is why the vast majority of the players on the field do not wear…


By On April 17th, 2013

Too Much Soccer Heading Leads To Brain Injury

New evidence is making it more and more clear that heading a soccer ball could be a problem over a prolonged period of time. Previous research has suggested this, and now researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University are taking that study further. “It’s not only the overt concussions where someone…


By On April 16th, 2013

What Is The Cause of the Gender Gap in Concussions

While almost all of the coverage about traumatic brain injury lately seems to focus on well-paid adult males, there are many more young men and women suffering concussions during competitive sports. Women have been a steadily increasing part of the athletic world, and these young women are also suffering a significant number of the brain injuries on…


By On April 4th, 2013

Major League Lacross Prepares Comprehensive TBI Guidelines

Lacrosse has become more and more popular in high schools and colleges across America through the last decade, though you probably haven’t noticed because of the lack of mainstream coverage. Still, as teams grow in size and more people invest more energy and interest in the sport, the number of brain injuries attributed to the…


By On April 4th, 2013

Rugby Team Uses Electronic Mouthguards To Study TBI

While the U.S. Army is trying to use oral devices to help treat traumatic brain injury, one team in New Zealand’s rugby league is using mouthguards to study concussions and impact levels on the field. All of the Hutt Old Boy’s Marists’ players have been fitted with mouthguards filled with electronic sensors and imported micro-chipped…

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