Client Testimonials

"At first, I felt really confused when I arrived at NRI. But everyone made me feel so welcome and safe.  I had a lot of physical and cognitive problems, and I became upset a lot due to my frustration. Although it took me a long time, I was able to overcome a lot of my difficulties. I am glad for the time I spent at NRI. It has made a real difference in my life."
- Christy C. 
"My life had really gotten out of control since my injury. I could hardly concentrate. I had problems sleeping. I was always agitated. The people at NRI really pushed me to get back on track. When I returned home several months later, hardly anyone in my family could believe the change. Now I even have a part-time job. It makes me feel good."
- Troy B.
"Everyone gave up on me and I even gave up on myself. I thought I was trapped because of my TBI. But the doctors and the nurses and the therapists at NRI had such a positive attitude. They believed in me. I feel like I am part of the world again. It is a miracle."
- Klaus K.
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