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When a soldier is diagnosed with a severe brain injury, it may sound like a life sentence without parole. What has become the “signature wound” of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan has left many young men and women with a lifelong disability requiring specialized rehabilitation and extended treatment. For those soldiers who have developed Neurobehavioral Syndrome as an aspect of their brain injury, the treatment approach needs to be highly individualized and comprehensive. Several issues make it difficult for soldiers to adjust to returning home. Problems like anger, rage attacks, aggression, behavioral dyscontrol and disinhibition can accompany significant cognitive difficulties and learning problems. It might seem overwhelming to soldiers and their families, but there is hope!

The Neurologic Rehabilitation Institute at Brookhaven Hospital has a long history of providing treatment and rehabilitation to individuals with severe neurobehavioral problems following a brain injury. The NRI program can address dual-diagnosis problems related to neuropsychiatric complications such as: depression; anxiety; panic attacks; PTSD and other problems that affect the person’s ability to enjoy a life of participation and inclusion. The NRI program can treat individuals with substance abuse problems and a brain injury while they undergo our comprehensive neurobehavioral rehabilitation program. As the patient progresses toward independence, our Transitional and Community Living programs provide a bridge to home and a life of independence in the community.

The services in the NRI program include:

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