Complex Care Rehabilitation Program

NRI’s Complex Care Rehabilitation Program is designed to provide treatment for individuals whose brain injury requires rehabilitation services but are unable to sustain a full therapeutic treatment schedule due to medical complications and nursing care issues.

Patients in the Complex Care Rehabilitation Program participate in therapies that are similar to those provided in our other rehabilitation programs, but the degree of participation is modified according to the person’s tolerance to physical, cognitive and behavioral treatment.

With an eye toward balancing the physical and emotional needs of our patients with their rehabilitation treatment goals, medical and nursing care is carefully monitored and adjusted to maximize participation in the therapeutic program.

At NRI, our therapeutic programs are designed to assist individuals in achieving the highest level of rehabilitation possible—with the goal of reintegrating them back into the community and giving them the greatest degree of independence possible. To that end, NRI’s Complex Care Rehabilitation program offers a wide range of services designed to achieve this goal, including:

Expected Outcomes with Complex Care Rehabilitation

The families of patients with severe brain injuries often ask us what kind of outcomes they can expect during and after complex care rehabilitation. This is not a simple question to answer since all brain injuries are unique and each patient responds differently to therapy. However, at NRI, there are specific goals and milestones that we set for every patient, including:

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