Inpatient Neurobehavioral Rehabilitation

When an individual experiences a traumatic brain injury, profound physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioral effects result. Every brain injury presents its own unique challenges to the patient—and some challenges are greater than others. Individuals who experience a moderate to severe brain injury often require specialized rehabilitation so that they can regain their skills and abilities—and address new problems posed by their injury.

Aggression, anger and self-control issues are common among brain-injured adults and can impede rehabilitation if not treated professionally. Other issues that may occur include:

The neurological team at NRI understands both the physical and behavioral complications of a traumatic brain injury. That’s why we’ve created a highly personalized program for victims of severe brain injuries with physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioral deficits. This comprehensive program includes:

Through ongoing observation and reevaluation, the progress of each individual is measured—and adjustments are made to the treatment plan to maximize the patient’s progress toward recovery.

NRI offers treatment in a secure, safe hospital environment, yet patients also enjoy the benefits of frequent therapeutic and recreational activities in the community.

NRI provides hope and opportunity for individuals struggling with recovery from the severely disruptive and potentially dangerous behaviors resulting from a traumatic brain injury. As one of the longstanding leaders in the field, we’re a safe and trusted solution for the effective rehabilitation of severe brain injuries.

For more information about NRI’s Intensive Neurobehavioral Rehabilitation Program or other treatment options for victims of a traumatic brain injury, call or request a free assessment today.

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If you or a loved one is suffering from a traumatic brain injury or other neurological disorder, it’s important to seek help immediately. The good news is that brain injuries are treatable—NRI is here to help you regain a life of independence, hope and dignity. Free and confidential consultations are available for all NRI programs. For more information, call 888.298.HOPE (4673) or fill out the form to see how NRI can help today!

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