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By On June 1st, 2016

Maybe it’s not just “a bump to your head”

In a recent poll conducted by National Public Radio (NPR) one in four people have experienced a concussion. Almost 80% sought medical treatment and a significant number of people experienced lasting effects, with headaches being the most common, followed by problems with concentration, memory, balance and coordination. About a third of the respondents to the…


By On June 25th, 2015

There’s Nothing Mild About Mild Brain Injury

Mild Brain Injury is a misleading concept which remains a subject of concern for brain injury researchers and clinicians. A study from the University of Glasgow and the University of Edinburgh has looked at mortality and morbidity 15 years after hospital admission for individuals who sustained a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). The study developed…


By On March 14th, 2013

A Single Concussion and Lasting Effects

Of the 1.7 million individuals who have a brain injury each year, approximately 75% are categorized as “mild”. What we’ve come to discover is that the effects of these so-called “mild” brain injuries can persist for years. A study from New York University Langone School of Medicine has revealed that some people can experience significant…


By On June 11th, 2012

It’s Not Just Football

With the recent NFL suicides and the focus on the exposure of football players and their exposure to multiple brain injuries, we need to remain mindful that there are other sports which have a high potential for concussive brain injuries. Certainly ice hockey comes to mind with the high velocity collisions, fighting and other impacts…


By On May 2nd, 2012

Another Football Death via Suicide, Possible TBI

  Junior Seau’s suicide via a gunshot to his chest mirrors Dave Duerson’s death. Was Junior preserving his brain for study to determine if he had Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)? Has another great professional athlete experienced a sports related brain injury to add his name to the list of others :     NFL/Football John…


By On March 2nd, 2012

Family Physicians at the Frontline for Veterans Returning with Brain Injuries and PTSD

  As soldiers return from Iraq and Afghanistan, most will resume their lives in the civilian world, returning to family, friends, jobs and community. Approximately one of three veterans will experience continuing symptoms of combat stress, depression, anxiety and PTSD. Others will have symptoms of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) as a result of concussive…

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