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By On June 2nd, 2016

Former NHL “Enforcer” lives with multiple concussions aftermath

Stephen Peat, 36, is another former NHL player living with the problems created by his multiple concussions. Peat last played in the 2005-6 season. Known as an “enforcer”, Peat suffers from the same problems that plagued Boogard, Belak and Rypen other former NHL players and “enforcers” following their retirement. Through the constant fights they are…


By On February 19th, 2015

Another former NHL player dead at 35

Multiple concussions affected Steve Montador, a former NHL player, who was found dead at his Ontario home. Montador, although not known as an enforcer like Derek Boogaard another NHL player who ended his life with alcohol and drugs, Montador was involved in 66 fights on the ice in his 10 year career. Boogaard was involved…

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