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By On October 5th, 2015

Craig Phillips Delivers Encouragement and Insight

Craig Phillips has been a frequent contributor to NeuroNotes and offers people living with a brain injury insight into living successfully from the perspective of his experiences in his personal journey. The importance of accepting changes brought about by brain injury and meeting life challenges is a message which Craig Phillips delivers well and clearly.…


By On July 31st, 2015

Craig Phillips Creates a Spark of Hope

Our friend, Craig Phillips, has contributed a lot of inspiration to our blog and his e-books and website are a regular staple in our Resources section.  Craig openly shares his story of living with the effects of a traumatic brain injury sustained when he was a child and his redefining of his life.  Recently, Craig…


By On April 11th, 2014

My New Life’s Purpose

Written by: Bridgid Ruden My New Life’s Purpose In May 2008, traumatic brain injury interrupted my life. I was propelled into a hurricane of brain-altering occurrences. Due to the depth of the trauma, emergent brain surgeries were necessary. Near death episodes entered my realm. Many perceived I was leaving my physical body.  Amazingly I survived…


By On April 11th, 2014

Introduction of guest blogger: Bridgid Ruden

During the 22nd Annual Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa conference I had the pleasure of visiting with Bridgid Ruden.  When I first met Bridgid at the conference last year, I had no idea of her strength and inspiration.  I had not heard her story.  This year I heard about her incredible recovery and her graciousness in sharing her story…


By On March 13th, 2014

Second Chance to Live Celebrates 8 Years

  Craig Phillips, founder of the website, “Second Chance to Live,” is celebrating the site’s eight year anniversary. Craig continues to thrive as a survivor of brain injury, and is a friend to many of us here at the Neurologic Rehabilitation Institute at Brookhaven Hospital.  He has contributed to NeuroNotes in the past, and is…

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