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By On October 7th, 2013

VA Suicides: When did it become Ethical to do nothing?

Many would agree that one of the most disturbing trends regarding veterans and mental health has been the rising number of suicides.   What is more troubling is that the Department of Defense (DOD), Veterans Administration (VA) and the US Senate and Congress have consistently acknowledged the suicides of veterans as a serious issue for the…


By On September 23rd, 2013

VA Suicides: So What Exactly is Suicide Awareness?

September is National Suicide Awareness month.  It would be easy to jump on the band wagon by writing a story using all of the statistical information being blogged and bantered about the past few weeks. With my experience being called during many awkward hours, from a veteran or service member with plans to end their…


By On September 17th, 2013

New approach to Veteran’s Treatment Courts in Oklahoma

There have been some new ideas coming out the VA Mental Health Summits currently being conducted by the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) across the United States.  One that is particularly impressive to me is the Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, Veteran’s Diversion / Treatment Court.  This program goes a few steps further than the more common “Veteran’s…


By On September 9th, 2013

A Military Veteran’s View of VA’s Mental Health Summits

It’s been no secret that the Veterans Health Administration has been overwhelmed.  This challenge and increased media attention has brought about much needed changes.  Though there are still some major deficits and encumbrances that need to be addressed, strong leadership and openness to new partnerships with the local communities are emerging. One example of change…


By On September 5th, 2013

A Brain Injury Case Manager Reflects: A personal journey becomes career focus

Six months ago I joined the staff of Brookhaven Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma as a Case Manager to the Neurologic Rehabilitation Institute (NRI). Here, my experience in working with Traumatic Brain Injury, Dual Diagnosis mental health counseling and case managing disabled veterans is being utilized for assessment and outreach to patients referred to the hospital…


By On July 29th, 2013

The impact of Less Than Honorable discharges of TBI Veterans

During my years of working exclusively with disabled veterans, my work brought me to homeless shelters, drug courts, veteran’s courts, prisons and county jails, and working with prison re-entry.  My travels brought me to small towns, rural counties and larger municipalities.  The most difficult cases involved veterans who had experienced combat injuries from explosions, falls…

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