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About Aphasia and Traumatic Brain Injury

Aphasia is an all too-common complication that affects many individuals with TBI. However, treatment for aphasia continues to be a hot topic among researchers. Here’s an excerpt from an article entitled “Understanding Aphasia: Loss of Lanuage Takes Many Forms” from the Texas Medical Center News:

“Treatment advances in aphasia also are increasing, and are not simply directed at improving speech and language itself. Conventional speech-language therapy for aphasia has been a feature of rehabilitation medicine for many decades. Psychological and neuropsychological aphasia consultations are newer but established facets of ongoing patient care. Pharmacological interventions to help manage aphasia continue to be investigated, including the medications donepezil and bromocriptine. One of the more exciting aspects of treatment to emerge is the extension of intervention beyond the clinic setting into the real-life social environments that patients return to after release from acute hospitalization and rehabilitation.”

Click here to read the article “Understanding Aphasia”

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