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Toning Your Memory

One of the perks of attending numerous brain injury conferences is the access it gives you to the latest ideas and attitudes. I’ve heard “Cognitive Fitness” mentioned, but I hadn’t seen it in print until I came across a great article in Wired News. Here’s a great quote:

“Most people’s idea of fitness stops at the neck,” said Patti Celori, executive director of the New England Cognitive Center. “But the brain is the CPU of our body, and most people don’t do much to keep it as fit as possible.”

Memory problems are one of the greatest challenges TBI survivors must face, so any strides in research and treatment deserve a strong consideration.

It’s great to see the awareness of brain-boosting exercises make the leap from the rehab setting into the general public, because that’s where so many untreated TBI survivors struggle.

Click here to read “Brain Workouts May Tone Memory

And if you’re interested, try checking out one of the many books by Richard Restak, the noted neurologist who wrote the cognitive fitness bestseller Mozart’s Brain and the Fighter Pilot: Unleashing Your Brain’s Potential.

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