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Hallucinations and TBI

We normally do not associate auditory hallucinations with brain injury and individuals who present these problems can pose clinical and behavioral management issues. There is an excellent article in the Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, 17:2, Spring 2005, page 243, by Bronagh Stewart, MD and D.M. Brennan, MD which describes this phenomena following a right temporal gyri resection. The authors provide excellent summary information regarding the wide variance of emotional, intellectual and behavioral problems which can occur following an injury. They offer that the mean period from injury to the emergence of psychiatric problems is approximately four years. As individuals with psychiatric difficulties following a brain injury can pose significant management problems, this article contains much useful and relevant information and an excellent single case study of an individual who experienced command hallucinations.

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  1. Luke says:

    I was in a car accident on July 7th 2008 which resulted in me having an immediate corrective right craniotomy brain surgery. Symptoms like dizziness, headaches and occasitional restlessness happened pretty frequently, but within the last 3 years I’ve had 2 seizures and about 4 times in particular I started having extreme hallucinations during sleep, times of boredom and even during the middle of the day out of the blue!! Each time this happened it progressively got worse lasting anywhere from a week at a time to almost a solid month!! I was scared and I scared people who loved and cared about me!! The last two times this happened they weren’t very far apart. Only about a three month period had past between each 2 week episode! My normal routine and overall life hasn’t changed any to suddenly start causing all this to happen to me! I just needed some advice or what could be causing this!! It had gotten so bad a few months ago that I actually admitted myself to the emergency room. The CT Scan showed nothing unusual in brain activity, so I’m at a loss of what to do!! I need to say that I never had received therapy or follow up treatment after the surgery almost eight years ago and have seen a neurologist only one time which was after the very first time I started having hallucinations. All I was given during that doctor visit was 15 minutes of his time and a prescription of neurotin! I was told that drug is to help with seizures but hasn’t seemed to help with hallucinations! Please if you could help me in anyway I need it!! I just want my life back!

  2. Shelly says:

    My husband had a hemorrhagic stroke in 2014.
    There was considerable bleeding on the brain
    Thus causing cognitive damage. Sunday he was in
    A motorcycle accident. Thank goodness he was
    Wearing a really good helmet or they don’t think
    He would have made it. But I am wondering
    If he might not have gotten a mild brain
    Injury because he is very confused and is
    Constantly hallucinating.
    His father’s kidneys shut down one.day unbeknownst
    To all and he was hallucinating too

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