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TeleRehab: One Option for Ongoing TBI Rehab

It’s important for TBI survivors to continue their rehab once they’ve re-entered the community, but what about the many situations where there simply aren’t many supports in place? Here’s a brief article that sums up tele-rehabilitation, a technology driven service meant to increase the availability of rehab services when distance is an obstacle for home-based services.

“One way to help provide TBI treatment services is tele-rehabilitation, a strategy described in this paper by Forducey and her colleagues. Telerehabilitation is a versatile interdisciplinary service modality that demonstrates promising signs of facilitation the transition for specialized TBI follow-up care and neuro-restorative services in the home and community-based settings. It is defined as the remote delivery of a variety of rehabilitative services for persons with disabilities through telecommunication technology [6]. Several applications of Telerehabilitation have been identified by the INTEGRIS team: TeleMentoring, TeleMonitoring, TeleConsultation, TeleEducation, TeleSupervision, and TeleTherapy.”

Click here to read Using telerehabilitation to promote TBI recovery and transfer of Knowledge”

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