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TBI Survivor and Poet

TBI survivor Dan Windheim writes to let us know:

“I am a TBI survivor with a web site dedicated to survival, and living a valued life. I have also written a book of poems on TBI and my life, perhaps you would be interested in sharing with those you work with. My site is www.tbilife.com.I work toward helping others, as I believe we help ourselves by helping others.

If you’re a survivor and you’d like to share your story or work with us, please email us!

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  1. Matt Ramsey says:

    That’s great! My fetus formed with extra blood vessels in my brain, causing me to have an invietro stroke and leading me to experience 14 more, outside the womb.

    The final bleed I experienced occured in 1987, when I was 15. I was enrolled in my first year of Creative Writing, at the time. When I returned after a craniotomy, poetically, I went on overdrive, edited the school literary magazine, took a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and, in 2011, I took an M.Ed. in Writing, completing my thesis on a poetry method I began to use, not long after my craniotomy.

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