By On August 23rd, 2005

Advancing Ideas about How People Get TBIs

Nothing is simple when it comes to brain injuries. This article from the from timesleader.com of Pennsylvania shows a new understanding of contra-coup injuries:

“Data so far indicate standard models of brain movement during trauma may need revision. Leuthardt explained the classic view of head trauma by imagining someone slipping and hitting the back of his head on a table. What people classically think happens is the skull hits first, and then the back part of your brain hits the skull, (and) bounces off of it,” causing it to smack the front of the skull. This is known as a coup-contra-coup brain injury. It’s how a ball would act in a fluid-filled container. But the brain doesn’t bounce backwards and forwards — what actually happens is we found some tether points there, said Leuthardt.”

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