By On August 29th, 2005

Synthetic Blood May Help in TBI Survivor Rate

As each year advances, more and more people survive increasingly severe trauma to the brain. Now there’s a new study that is exploring the use of synthetic blood as an oxygen-delivery mechanism during the first few hours following a brain injury:

“Approximately one third of severe head injury patients show reduced oxygen tension during the first six to 12 hours following injury, which can lead to post-traumatic brain damage. Oxycyte presents a particularly attractive candidate for increasing cerebral oxygen delivery as earlier studies have demonstrated its potential to perfuse and oxygenate tissues in brain contusions, where capillaries are so narrow that red blood cell transport is impeded, added Dr Bulloch.”

As we continue to develop more and more creative ways to sustain life, one should hope that we also put fair amounts of energy into increasing the quality of life, as well greater efforts towards safety prevention (read my earlier post about Florida seatbelt laws, for example).

Click here to read “Synthetic Blood May Substitute in Brain Injury”

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