By On September 14th, 2005

Pro-Footballer Dies from Repeated Head Injuries

From the Phildelphia Post:

“Former Steelers lineman Terry Long died from swelling of the brain caused in part by repeated and chronic head injuries received while playing football, according to the findings of Allegheny County Coroner Dr. Cyril Wecht.

The injuries are similar to those seen in boxers who have been repeatedly hit in the head, a condition commonly referred to as being punch drunk, Wecht said yesterday after his office released its report.”

Terry Long is just one in a long line of athletes who die as a result of repeated trauma to the head. We don’t see the press releases on the numerous head injuries that occur on non-professional football fields, baseball diamonds, basketball courts, or other sporting arenas, but as a brain injury case manager, I’m the one who shows up and conducts the evaluation.

In the last two months, I’ve met four people who are permanently disabled as a result of post-concussive syndrome occuring during amateur athletics. Two of them knew that they weren’t supposed to return to the game following a concussion, and they did not pay attention to the advice from their doctors. The other two had never heard of post-concussive syndrome and had no idea about the risks they were taking.

If you’re a coach or a parent, please do all you can to learn about brain injury prevention. Contact the Brain Injury Association of America and ask for help today.

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