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When Lightning Strikes

Among the more bizarre and complicated forms of brain injury is electrocution, and among the most severe forms of electrocution is the lightning strike. While over a hundred people a year survive lightning strikes, very few of them emerge without some degree of impairment–not a surprise, I know, given that a lightning bolt runs about 50,000 degrees on average.
Because of the global injuries sustained by lightning strike survivors, it’s a good idea to run a comprehensive batter of neurological testing. This article excerpt from Medpage Today offers an excellent introduction to the world of TBIs due to lightning strike:

“Extensive neurocognitive or neuropsychological testing measuring memory, IQ, and organizational skills are more useful, because they may reveal specific deficit patterns common among lightning-strike survivors, according to Dr. Cooper.”

For those of us who don’t need any other misfortunes than we already have, take note of the 30-30 rule: If the interval between lightning and thunder is less than 30 seconds, seek shelter right away. And make sure to stay indoors for 30 minutes after the last lightning strike.

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  1. How would lightning strike victim be treated today?

    • struck by lightning May 53 in Korea during a monsoon thunder & lightning storm. I had in my hand a”handpower” phone made of of brass, my regular unit was extinguished by rain. I was standing in water up to my shins. I was unconscious for a time I am not sure of, a day or more. Am corpsman ( I am told later) gave me apc-s and I was placed in my bunker naked in a sleeping bag. Since then my memory for short and long term has been for (s–T), I forget the directions to places I have bee often. I have had a “tortuous” existence for 60+ yrs. I don’t believe the v.A really believes me, they probably believe I am “scaming” them for disability> I am willing to take any and all tests related to two incidents ( an explosion by a “friendly” fire incident that “blew” a marine to bits a few few from me, I only suffered a few wood splinters to my knees which I cleansed myself, the corpsman was much too duty. Memory problems, short & long term memory. Can still not remember any of my officers nor gunny’s names. (still screwed up”. Ed Evans. Also m y battery was involved in a “short” round which KIA 3 marines on the line. This still bothers me greatly!

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