By On October 7th, 2005

Neuroprosthetics–a future brain injury aid?

Many TBI survivors must endure a host of impairments as a result of lost motor skills. Poor balance, uneven coordination, and paralysis are only too-common amongst the brain injured population. Until recently, neuroprosthetics were considered a costly and high-risk alternative to re-acquiring motor skills.

Now, according the Nature magazine, researches are able to implant a device that allows users to control computer equipment by sensing brain waves from a scalp sensor–a totally non-invasive procedure.

Currently the technology exists, but it is still not precise. However, if it does finds its way into mainstream, it could dramatically change the quality of life for TBI and spinal cord injury survivors, offering them a level of independence they may have thought lost forever.

Click here to read “Non-invasive Neuroprosthetics”

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