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TBI: Does It Cause More Damage the Suspected?

When it comes to brain injury, medicine is moving towards an increasingly integrated view of the brain. Nature Neuroscience has recently released some fascinating information regarding the scophttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.quote.gif
insert blockquotee and affect of a traumatic brain injury. In the past, we’ve known that damage to a certain area of the brain yields certain results, but there may be much more damage that is “distributed” across the brain than previously thought.

Here’s a brief snippet from medicalnewstoday.com

“Clinicians who treat patients with stroke and other traumatic brain injury traditionally have looked to changes in patient behavior and abilities as indicators of the functions normally performed by the area impacted by the injury. However, because each brain area is connected to many others, some researchers have suggested a theory of distributed injury.”

How do these findings impact brain injury rehab? If the brain sustains damage globally, then it may be in everyone’s best interest to strengthen or stimulate all areas of the brain in order to maximize recovery potential.

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