By On November 16th, 2005

What’s Going On In Your State?

Yesterday I had the opportunity to chat with a social worker at Mid Missouri Mental Health Center in Columbia, Missouri about the state of brain injury in his area. Pretty grim picture, to say the least. Missouri recently cut Medicaid funding to brain injury patients, making it even more difficult for them to find care in and out of state. Add to that complication that most brain injury rehabs throughout the midwest are at capacity, the treatment options for TBI are dwindling.

So what happens to TBI patients needing services? They do the familiar mental health facility shuffle. States seem more than happy to pay for inappropriate treatment! How would you like it if you went to the doctor for a broken leg and he sent you to a chiropractor to get your back adjusted? Sure, the chiropractor might help your back feel better, but you’ve got a more serious condition that needs attention. It’s the same situation with brain injury survivors in the mental health system.

Get involved with your local brain injury association and learn how you can help drive legislation that actually acts on behalf of TBI survivors, not against them.

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