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Link Between TBI and Aging

As part of our continuing exploration into the issue of aging and brain injury, I thought it might be helpful to refer to a study conducted a few years ago by researchers at Duke University. Twenty-five percent of the general population carries variation of the apolipoprotein gene known as apolipoprotein E4 (APOE4):

“Thus, the researchers concluded that the brains of those who carry the APOE4 gene show greater deterioration than those who do not. “This is an important finding in the study of aging. I believe it will lead to a greater understanding of age-related memory loss and hopefully, one day, to ways of keeping our brains sharper, longer,” noted Doraiswamy.”

It appears that this gene leads to the increased risk of Alzheimer’s, but it also turns up as a contributing factor to memory problems in a person with traumatic brain injury!

What are the implications? Obviously, this is good news for people suffering from Alzheimer’s-related dementia. For people with TBI, however, it suggests an unconventional form of treatment for brain injury–gene therapy.

Click here to read “Gene Linked to Accelerated Brain Aging in Healthy Adults

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