By On December 14th, 2005

Choking Game a Real Nightmare

In case you’ve been paying attention to the news, an old menace is gaining popularity among children and teens that involves choking each other as a means of getting high. It’s called The Choking Game and it has recently claimed the life of 11 year-old boy in Philadelphia.

While deaths resulting from the choking game have been covered by the press, we don’t know much about the youth who suffer permanent anoxic brain injuries as a result of this game. Anoxic injuries to the brain are some of the most complicated and severe injuries in the world, and it is a genuine tragedy to see a life altered so needlessly. Children who engage in repeated oxygen deprivation to the brain should be immediately evaluated by a neurologist to determine if any damage has occurred.

As with many other brain injuries, prevention is the key to avoiding a lifelong disability. If you’re a parent or teacher, talk to your children or students about the choking game and its dangers.

To read more about the Choking Game, read stop-the-choking-game.com

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