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Stem Cell Research and Brain Injury

Stem cell research continues to yield exciting possibilities for individuals with severe injuries and disorders. Recently, the University of Texas has approved a study that will address stem cell treatment for children with traumatic brain injuries.

Taken from bone marrow, the stem cells are thought to offer reparative therapy to the brain. Currently, our only means of treating a brain injury is by prevention, but if we can offer some means of repairing damaged brain tissue, we could well be on our way to diminishing the awful conditions faced by many survivors today.

To read more about UT’s stem cell research, click here.

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  1. Seth Adams says:

    Do these stem cells,help people that were brain injured 30 years ago?

  2. David says:

    Love love love this blog. I came to the dog realization a few mtnohs back I realized I randomly would have a stress blow out and looked at all the build up. It was resentment from the changes to the man I married. But everyone changes and grows so I evaluated my feelings and focused on healing that part that was holding on to old characteristics of my husband. And it is like waves somedays those shine through others completely opposite person of who he was even down to how he handles the kiddos. I am constantly reminding myself to back off with the kiddos and discuss later. Its a knee jerk reaction to protect with kiddos lol. I tried a therapist off base he actually agitated me having me focus on negative aspects and vent but not really leading it to anywhere positive just saying thats a lot for you. I don’t want to leave a session feeling angry at my husband when he’s undeserving of it.

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