By On March 3rd, 2006

15 Years Worth of Advice for Family Members

Tom McMahon is dad to a child with a traumatic brain injury. Usually his posts are an impersonal treat that reveals his colorful mind and interests, but recently he decided to write a bit of advice for people living with a disabled family member:

Here’s number one:

Some Run Away

I thought I’d start out with the most unpleasant reality first. That in times of real trouble, some people you thought were your true-blue friends or close family members you thought were of solid character can turn out to have the proverbial feet of clay. For whatever reason, they’re never around anymore. Why? I don’t know. But you have to get to the point where you worry about this about as much as you worry that your pet ferret can’t do fractions, which is to say not at all. Yeah, it hurts. But your not the first to stumble upon this disappointing fact by any means


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