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TBI Documentary A Must -See For All

While I was at the NASW conference in Albquerque recently, a social worker told me about a filmmaker named Laura Napier who had just completed a documentary about TBI survivors in New Mexico. I found myself immediately intrigued, so I tracked her down via email and ended up getting a chance to watch the documentary on DVD.

Every 21 Seconds, or Why I Scream at the Refrigerator is a soulful account of traumatic brain injury, told from the perspective of survivors. Napier lets the camera gently linger on survivors as they open up about their lives post-injury, and the result is a profoundly moving and inspiring portrait of brain injury in America today. Unlike other “survivor” films, Napier’s storytelling emerges from the inside of the injuries, providing us with unprecedented insight into the real issues that TBI survivors deal with every day.

Napier herself is a TBI survivor from a motor vehicle accident, which charges the film with an emotional force that could only come from genuine heartbreak, struggle, and tremendous strength. Ultimately, Every 21 Seconds is about courage and transformation. No blockbuster could ever come close to delivering such a true and unflinching account of TBI.

The details regarding distribution for Every 21 Seconds is being finalized, but if you’d like to find out how to get ahold of a copy, you can contact Laura Napier at: lavidacarnival [at] earthlink [dot] net.

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  1. Doug wysocki says:

    Hi Laura interested in video every 21 seconds I am a tbi person who wants to get back on his bike and snowboard just trying to find my way thank you

  2. Gary says:

    I have the DVD and am lucky to have met some of the people in this DVD,

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