By On March 21st, 2006

Iowa BIA Conference Wrap-Up

Once again, Iowa’s Brain Injury Association Conference proved to be an invigorating and educational conference that offered insight into the many issues surrounding brain injury care. Here are some of the highlights from the past week:

–Marty McMorrow with Mentor kicked off the conference with a back-to-basics call for treatment that comes from the heart.

–Dr. Rose Collins offered a riveting look into the lives of soldiers returning from Iraq with TBI. Her talk brought home the gritty reality of blast injuries, and how they will affect our country in the years to come.

–Sharon Grandinette, M.S. Ed., shared information about helping children and adolescents with TBI. You can view her website at www.helpingkidsbrains.com

–Longtime attendies Peggy Reisher & Judy Harvey with Madonna Rehab in Lincoln, NE, provided me with running commentary throughout the conference and offered a fresh perspective on how they deal with TBI-related issues in the workplace. In summation: it helps to have a good sense of humor.

And finally, here’s a small offering of me and my jello-mold brain:

(hats off to Peggy for taking the pic).

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