By On June 22nd, 2006

Ariel Sharon Update: Possible PVS for Prime Minister

Despite the odd silence that surrounds so many stroke victims, I’ve learned through various online resources that Ariel Sharon was transferred to a long-term care facility in Tel Hashomer, and that this transfer suggests that Sharon is not expected to emerge from his coma in the foreseeable future.

Here’s an interesting blurb from the Guardian:

“At best, his outlook is bleak,” says Dr Pankaj Sharma, a stroke expert at Hammersmith Hospitals NHS Trust. “At worst, it’s hopeless.” While young trauma victims can sometimes lie in a vegetative state for years, elderly stroke sufferers normally succumb relatively quickly to an infection, a blood clot or a heart attack, he explains. “We’d all be extremely surprised if he survived. If he’d been any other person, he would probably have died by now.”

Sharon’s condition could have sparked an international discussion on the care and treatment of individuals in a persistent vegetative state, but instead, the taboo and political implications surrounding the diagnosis has caused the press to run as far away as possible.

This is just one case in which we can challenge our newsmakers to break open stories that lead to true social reform.

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