By On September 21st, 2006

Taking Care of Your Brain

I have a great aunt in her nineties who is in the throes of dementia: she cannot remember many of the people who love her, she confuses names, places, and dates, and she requires round the clock care and supervision.

Naturally, my mother is concerned about what the twilight years of her own life will look like. This past week, she asked me whether there was anything she could do to retain a healthy brain. Thanks to pioneers like Richard Restak, MD, we now know that brains can continue to improve throughout the course of a lifetime–all it takes is a little exercise of a different sort.

Restak’s book “Mozart’s Brain & The Fighter Pilot: Unleasing Your Brain’s Potential” is packed full of practical ‘thinking’ exercises that promote brain longevity, but there are also lifestyle changes that can be made as well, such as socializing and a balanced diet.

Click here for a CNN article on Keeping Your Brain Healthy

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