By On November 16th, 2006

Inspiring Story of Father & Son

Sports Illustrated ran an article sometime ago about “Father of the Century” Dick Hoyt. Hoyt’s son, Rick, experienced an anoxic brain injury at birth. They encountered just about every nightmare many families go through in the post-injury process, but things took a turn for Dick once he realized Rick’s passion for sports.

Dick began entering races and competitions just so he could include his son:

Eighty-five times he’s pushed his disabled son, Rick, 26.2 miles in Marathons. Eight times he’s not only pushed him 26.2 miles in a Wheelchair but also towed him 2.4 miles in a dinghy while swimming and Pedaled him 112 miles in a seat on the handlebars–all in the same day.

Dick’s also pulled him cross-country skiing, taken him on his back Mountain climbing and once hauled him across the U.S. On a bike.

Click here to read more about the Hoyts and view a video of their accomplishments.
(Thanks to Neal Flannery of Mentor ABI for the link!)

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