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Dr. Gainer to Speak at University of Tulsa

For those of you in our own corner of the state, Dr. Rolf Gainer is
addressing a graduate class in Communication Disorders at Tulsa
University. The session will be held at the Mary Chapman Center for
Communication Disorders on the TU campus. Gainer's talk will focus on
the life span issues encountered by individuals living with a brain
injury, especially issues related to aging, caregivers and social role

The Outcome Validation Studies operated by the Neurologic
Rehabilitation Institute at Brookhaven Hospital and the Neurologic
Rehabilitation Institute of Ontario provide much of the data from the
multi-year outcome studies from both organizations which, is used to
examine the long term issues affecting people in the years following
the end of rehabilitation. Additionally, the presentation includes
information from the WWII Veteran's Study conducted by Plassman, the
Iowa Pediatric Study by Max and Levin, as well as research from the
Roslyn Carter Foundation into caregiver issues and compassion fatigue
to present a comprehensive review of the long term issues which deeply
affect the individual and their family.

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