By On August 29th, 2007

Senator Tim Johnson Back After Brain Injury

Last December, US Senator Tim Johnson suffered a brain hemorrhage that sent political pundits postulating about the future of the senate. Today, he has returned to South Dakota–no small triumph after eight months of rehabilitation. The New York Times wrote:

His face and speech clearly showed the effects of the trauma, but in assuring supporters that he would return to the Senate as early as next week, he displayed a sense of humor.

“Hard work is something in which I take great pride, so let me say this tonight going forward: I am back,” he said to loud applause. “Of course, I believe I have an unfair edge over most of my colleagues right now. My mind works faster than my mouth does. Washington would probably be a better place if more people took a moment to think before they spoke.”

Mr. Johnson’s right side was paralyzed when he was stricken last December. Brought out in a wheelchair on Tuesday, he waved his left arm to the crowd, then rose to his feet. He did not move his right arm.

Johnson still faces significant hurdles. Lets hope his story turns out to be an inspiration for the many injured who don't have the same resources, and let's hope the Senator himself turns into a powerful advocate for brain injury survivors in the U.S.

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