By On October 25th, 2007

On the Duration of Mild TBI

Just yesterday, I received a call from my sister's friend–a woman who experienced a seemingly benign concussion a year ago while driving her car. At the time of her accident, she was considered a force in her community, as well as a pillar for her husband and kids.

Today, she can barely manage to keep her business afloat, and the daily migraines are about to drive her mad. She has trouble finding the right words, she's a lot more irritable, and she can't remember things like she once could. (If this sounds familiar, take a look at the rather rosy portrait of Bob Woodruff in the recent NY Times posting) .

Recently, a study in the June 2007 issue of Acta Neurologica Scandinavica reported that symptoms of Post-Concussive Syndrome (a common mild TBI diagnosis) can persist even 5-7 years post-injury. While that isn't shocking news for most of us in the brain injury field, it is a sobering truth for thousands of individuals out there who thought their headaches and memory problems might vanish a few weeks after that bump on the head.

Science is supporting the need for intensive, sustained therapies for mild TBI, so why isn't there a single mild TBI clinic in the country? Place a call to your insurance company if you want to find the answer.

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