By On October 31st, 2007

The High Price of a Bump on the Head

In a recent blog, Mike Mason spoke of the problems a woman he knew was experiencing following a "mild brain injury" As his comments illustrate, there is nothing mild about mild brain injury. The effects may take years to be recognized and can include cognitive, psychological and behavioral features which serve to obscure the accurate diagnosis and forestall effective treatment. Many people with Mild Brain Injury end up as psychiatric patients where their psychological issues can be addressed, but the cognitive and related behavioral issues may go undetected and unresolved. There are screening instruments for Mild Brain Injury as well as treatment protocols, but they need to be used to be effective. As Mike Mason points out, the treatment options are sparse, the potential for misdiagnosis high and insurance resources are slim to non-existent. Mild Brain Injury can take its toll on a person's ability to function in relationships, at work and in all aspects of their life.  Clinicians need to include screening for Mild Brain Injury and Post Concussion Syndrome in their potential patients.

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