By On April 21st, 2008

Progressive Inflammatory Neuropathy Syndrome

Two dozen Midwestern pork plant workers have suffered from “mysterious neurological symptoms”. The workers were exposed to aerosolized pig brains, which appears to have caused an autoimmune reaction. This is not a localized event. The story, published in Med Page Today, reports that 18 workers in Minnesota, 5 in Indiana, and 1 in Nebraska have exhibited symptoms of leg pains, sensory disturbances, weakness and fatigue. Daniel Lachance, M.D. of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota led the clinical investigation into the outbreak; he believes the symptoms are induced by exposure to “something in to porcine brain tissue” which causes an immune reaction resulting in neural inflammation. Dr. Lachance continues to work on this investigation with the collaboration of officials at the CDC and the state health department.

Click here to read the full story in MedPage Today

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