By On August 11th, 2008

Real-time TBI Monitor on the Horizon

Johns Hopkins University researchers have developed software that can potentially help early detection and treatment of traumatic brain injuries among U.S. service members. The software is designed to integrate real-time data with information from the patient’s electronic medical record, “and present visualization over a network to a physician in a remote location who could then diagnose TBI and direct treatment.”

This new software will allow physicians to determine if the individual needs treatment for TBI before they even hit the hospital door. According to Buxbaum in HealthIt, even prior concussive events could be included.

“The result is to virtually transfer the physician to the battlefield,” said Rampersad. “The physician can triage and assess the situation before the patient is even removed. This tool also allows one physician to monitor a large number of people at the same time and to better triage the wounded.”

“Traumatic brain injury needs to be treated as soon as possible,” Fackler added.

“My sense is that getting the information not a problem,” said Dr. Myron Yaster, an anesthesiologist at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center and a member of the group. “The problem is information overload. The idea behind this tool is for a physician to see who is in trouble and who isn’t with a quick look at the screen.”

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