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Many soldiers are coming back from Iraq with brain injuries, and the New York Times has been following the stories as they develop. Just recently they published a story on Sergeant Shurvon who suffered from a brain injury following a roadside bomb attack in Iraq. Shurvon received treatment at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (R.I.C.), a private hospital, which would not have been possible without strong family advocates to fight on Shurvon’s behalf. The New York Times reports, “15 soldiers wounded in Iraq or Afghanistan have made their way – often with the relentless advocacy of their families helping to pry payment for the military for private treatment – to Zollman’s ward.”

What to do? Contact your congress, get the VA bills passed to allow for funds to treat our injured soldiers and loved ones in civilian facilities which offer the technology and professionals required to address the aftermath of devastating injury.

Click here to read Shurvon’s story

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