By On September 2nd, 2008

Back to School, With a Brain Injury

As the father of two school-aged daughters, I pay close attention to the resources available in their schools. I’m often unnerved by the fact that schools have emergency plans in place for tornadoes, blizzards, and even school shootings, but there aren’t any plans in place for the terrible chain of events that follow a catastrophic injury.

This year, an unreported but large number of youth will be returning to school after having suffered some degree of brain injury. That injury could affect a child’s ability to see and read, or to understand their teacher. More than any other injury, it warrants serious attention from educators. But other than making a passing reference to a teacher or a school counselor, parents might not know about the questions they should be asking, and the support systems that could be available to their child.

Fortunately, there’s a handy essay by Marilyn Lash (excerpted from TBI Challenge! magazine) available at the BIAA’s website that helps parents prepare for the changes at school. It’s a must read for parents and educators alike, because it alerts readers to challenges that brain injury places on education.

For those students with a brain injury who are transitioning from high school, download the Center for Disease Control’s pamphlet, Preparing for Life After High School.

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