By On September 26th, 2008

What’s a Brain Injury Worth?

The military decided to up the value of disability payments to soldiers who experienced a brain injury. While the increase in compensation under the new guidelines for post-concussive and "mild" brain injuries represents a significant increase, in the long term view the enhanced payments do not adequately address the true costs of a living with a brain injury. The compensation for severe injuries increased, but that also falls far short of the lifetime costs associated with a brain injury. A study from the Harvard School of Public Health conducted by L. Blimes (2007) reported a lifetime cost range of between $8 to 17million. That is well above the $4.5-5million noted by Livneh and Antonak in 1997.

Click here to read the article from the Military Times regarding the increase in compensation for brain injuries. What do you think?

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