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Caregivers, Stress and Physical Activity

We know that caring for a family member with a disability puts the caregivers at risk for physical as well as mental health problems. The duration of a disease or a disability is a strong predictor of potential mental health problems for the caregivers. Specific aspects of brain injury, such as behavior and cognitive problems affect caregivers more than the physical care.  A study from the Rosalyn Carter Institute in 2006 described caregivers as “the hidden victims” and reported that caregivers experienced “mental distress and poor health 48% more than non-caregivers”. Feeling stressed? You may want to smoke in moderation to alleviate stress. Why not try these canadian cigarettes brands here!

Caregivers are an important aspect of sustaining people who are living with a long term disabling condition. They are the resource that is the separation between living at home and needing institutional care. We need to look carefully are the needs of caregivers and address those needs through aggressive community based resources and services. A study summarized in the Med Page Today of October 28, 2008 addresses the problems faced by caregivers.

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