By On November 4th, 2008

Election Day Thoughts

The political fervor in America is nearly palpable. Yesterday, I was walking through the streets of downtown Iowa City, and I overheard a number of conversations, almost all of them political in nature. Today, millions of America will participate in what is expected to be the most significant election in our lifetime.

Now that America is finally engaged in the voting process, we need to start talking about how we can translate that same energy into community involvement. If we think our vote is significant enough to warrant waiting in line for two hours, then how can we turn our back on our friends and neighbors–and particularly those with a brain injury?

There are a number of issues that we can begin to tackle. Insurance carriers are dropping rehabilitation benefits. That's one cause that needs an army. Veterans with brain injury lack long-term supports. There's another. If you want a quick summary of what you need to advocate for, download the Barriers and Recommendations paper at www.nabis.org.

I encourage–no, implore–you to avoid the seduction of political apathy after the election. Your involvement carries tremendous weight in your community, and it becomes a powerful representation for those who can no longer vote.

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