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Toronto ABI Network Conference: A Home Run

I attended the 2008 Toronto ABI Network Conference on November 3 and 4. Each year this conference evolves and deepens in terms of its content and quality. This year the conference was the largest ever, but fortunately remained extremely well organized and scheduled in all respects by the ABI Network Planning Committee and Ms. Charissa Levy, Executive Director. The keynote speakers: Caron Gan, R.N., M.Sc.R.N.; Deidre Dawson, Ph.D.and Donald Meichenbaum, Ph.D. addressed issues of family support, executive functioning and a model of treatment in their excellent presentations about their applied work and research. Constable Carolyn Matthews, the closing speaker, brought the elements of brain injury together in her personal story of injury and recovery.

Personally, I find the ABI Network Conference to be an excellent opportunity to learn and exchange knowledge. I enjoyed sharing my presentations on Social Role Return and Aging with a Brain Injury with the conference participants. Of course, I enjoyed seeing my colleagues in Toronto and being in the downtown area. The ABI Network Conference will convene again in 2010. I look forward to seeing how this conference continues to grow. If you are interested in seeing the 2008 conference materials and handouts visit:


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