By On December 1st, 2008

Happy Holidays

Veterans suffering from traumatic brain injury have taken the spotlight this past year. However, it is not only our veterans that need to be concerned. Traumatic Brain Injury and Concussions can happen here at home just as easily as overseas. We are in the midst of the holidays, a time to gather with families and friends to celebrate, and a little thing like weather isn’t going to stop us. Use caution, ask someone else to drive if you are tired as slick roads and exhaustion from holiday festivities can make a deadly combination.

The Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation reports that, “the number of civilians in the United States living with a long-term disability from traumatic brain injury is now estimated to be 3.17 million”. So be careful out there, play responsibly. If you plan on going skiing, snowboarding, even ice skating – wear a helmet.

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