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Music Helps

Brain Injured patients having difficulty with attention span may benefit from listening to some of their favorite tunes, reports MedPage Today. A recent study conducted by David Soto, M.D. or Imperial College London and colleagues found that “patients have better visual awareness when completing tasks while listening to music of their choice compared with unpreferred music or silence.” The researchers said that using music was affective even in chronic patients, and that “positive emotional responses and optimum arousal induced by pleasant music listening may aid the engagement of the neuroplastic systems that support flexible attention control.” Medpage Today reports:

“We speculate that pleasant music may lead to optimal, rather than maximal, levels of arousal, and this can reduce neglect, whereas unpreferred music may increase extinction by over arousing patients,” the researchers said.

The study also found consistent evidence for the effects of positive emotion. One of the three patients had a higher positive effect response relative to the other patients, suggesting that the “strength of the positive effect response may modulate improvements in visual neglect.”


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  1. Paul Klimkowski says:

    I’ve had a brain aneurysm hemorrhage and it was coiled.

    While the interventional radiologist was coiling the hemorrhage he found three other brain aneurysms.

    A month or so after the coiling, I had a full frontal (Right) craniotomy. Only one aneurysm was able to be clipped.

    Thirty days later, I had an additional full frontal (Left) craniotomy. The last two aneurysm’s were successfully clipped.

    I now have three clips in my brain, one “coiling” twelve metal plates holding my skull together. About 70 rivets holding the plates down.

    So, now that you know what’s happened to me… (Had to learn to walk again)

    Something amazing is happening, I have been downloading Heavy Metal music on my iPhone and for some reason, the speed of the music is waking my brain up!

    I Love this new found feeling…its not simply enjoying the music, my brain is following each and every note and in a sense, exercising. Getting a brain workout.

    If you have any doubts as to what I’ve told you I can send scans of my injuries…

    For some reason the bands “Slipknot, OZZY and Godsmack work best, so far.

    Can you tell me why this is happening? Its really something!

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