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TBI Rehab: Social Network Launched for People Affected by Life-Changing Events

Mike Black Uses Trymunity to Inspire Fellow TBI Survivors

For those who have endured a traumatic brain injury (TBI), finding a support group hasn’t always been easy. When Bernadette Coleman’s son, Michael Black, suffered a traumatic brain injury in an SUV rollover accident, she turned to the internet for hope that her son might recover. She found plenty of medical information about TBIs, but finding a relevant network of TBI survivors and their families proved to be more difficult. Inspired by social networks like Facebook and Linkedin, Coleman set out to establish a social network for TBI survivors.
The result is Trymunity.com. Trymunity is currently open to new users in need of support or looking to share their stories of triumph. The site’s official launch came on May 21, 2012, on the one-year anniversary of Michael Black’s accident. Michael, who is currently undergoing TBI rehab in a residential treatment center, is a regular contributor to Trymunity. He hopes that he can inspire others who are undergoing similar challenges.
According to Michael Black, “Trymunity has helped me with my confidence. I wasn’t able to talk to anybody. But now I can relate to a lot of people.”
On Trymunity, survivors of life-changing events can ask questions and receive answers from someone who has been through a similar experience. The act of helping others who are confronting the same issues can be therapeutic for those who have endured TBI.
In Michael Black’s own words: “Trymunity makes me feel good when I help somebody.”
There are many different ways that people’s lives can be dramatically altered by TBI. Car accidents, strokes, spinal cord injuries, acts of violence and illnesses can radically alter the course of an individual and their family’s lives. However, through effective treatment, hope is available to those who have endured traumatic brain injuries. Support groups like Trymunity offer proof that individuals are confronting and triumphing over their disabilities.

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