By On December 7th, 2012

An interesting view of the Psychopath

Recently I came across this TED talk given by Jon Ronson, a journalist who spent some time with the DSM and eventually in focusing on Psychopaths. While his TED talk is a deeply personal view, he does take us on quite a journey where we meet a person who is hospitalized for faking a mental illness to avoid a prison sentence and later to meet a person who reshapes failing companies through mass lay-off’s and cutbacks. Mr. Ronson uses the checklist developed by Robert Hare, Ph.D., the noted expert on Psychopathic Personalities to guide his interviews. In the end, Mr. Ronson criticizes society, especially mental health professionals, for being overly zealous in categorizing people as mentally ill.

This TED talk, if anything, brings up controversy on both sides and is worth watching.



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