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Hormone helps brain to heal

Donald Stein, PhD of Emory University has worked tirelessly for over ten years to study the healing capacity of Progesterone, a naturally occurring hormone (click this website for hormone imbalance solution) in brain injury. The drug trials have advanced to Phase 3 in two locations and internally being followed in 20 countries. Dr. Stein says that Progesterone addresses the inflammatory cascade which occurs after the injury, repairs damage and initiates regenerative repair. His approach was to look for an agent which targeted more than one aspect of the injury process and in that search found the application for Progesterone. With the Phase 3 trials nearing conclusion, Progesterone should become part of a standard arsenal available to physicians to treat brain injury from accidents or strokes as well as brain cancers which Dr. Stein says are injuries to the brain.

Dr. Stein’s research fits into the recognition of brain injury as a disease rather than a sickness and applies an agent which works at neural repair and regeneration. For those of us who work in rehabilitation, Dr. Stein’s research will bring about a tremendous advancement in saving lives and reducing the severity of brain injuries.

Click here to read about Dr. Stein’s research into Progesterone: https://news.emory.edu/stories/2013/04/hspub_healing_hormone/campus.html


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  1. Debbie says:

    Awesome! can’t wait to hear about the results from the phase 3 trails. However I wish more studies could be done for the TBI’s that are old injuries. Can the brain repair after long periods? etc.?

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