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Traumatic Brain Injury – A Family Affair


Too often the families of traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivors are forgotten.  The doctors and nurses are busy tending to the needs of the patient, which is to be expected.  During the initial phases of recovery, everyone is concerned about the survival of the patient and what the long-term recovery will be like.  How will the bills get paid?  How long will the patient be in a coma?  What is “normal” for someone who has survived a serious brain injury? What does rehabilitation mean and how long does it last?  Meanwhile, those people closest to the patient are trying to get answers to these and so many other questions.  The next few blogs are designed to address the needs of the family members who will soon be caring for their loved ones with little help beyond the initial phases of recovery.  It is true that every TBI is different and there are no absolute outcomes for every survivor – or family.  This series is dedicated to the families of TBI survivors, and it will begin with the family dynamics before the brain injury occurs, including pre-existing issues that will affect the family and, ultimately, the long-term success of the patient’s recovery.  Actual cases will be offered as examples of the complexities of living with a TBI survivor.  Hopefully, the families reading these blogs will realize that the old “normal” is now a “new normal”.

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