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Road to Hope on Route 66


I am and have always been a “motorhead” and I find sitting down with a car magazine to be a highly relaxing experience. Rarely do I find much of a connection between my professional work and a good edition of a Hemmings publication like “Sports and Exotic Cars” or “Vintage Car” which is probably why these magazines are so satisfying as a total diversion. Last night as I sat down with the latest, I found a brief note about two men, Mark and Steve, driving across Route 66 in a vintage 1963 Corvair Monza from Michigan in a brain injury awareness fund raiser through the Brain Injury Association of America. Mark is the founder of Realistic Hope, an organization for brain injury survivors.

Being an Oklahoma resident, I know that there is much folklore centered around Route 66, the Mother Road, which is also known as the Road to Hope. It’s great that Mark and Steve completed their travels on Route 66 and quite unbelievably in a 1963 Corvair Monza, a 50-year old car.

Click here to read about their travels and see pictures of their trip down Route 66. Thanks, Mark and Steve for sharing your journey.


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